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God of the Living


It looks to me that this quote speaks of idols who aren't even alive by nature. It uses the word "production" but I'd have to check further.

I still think my logic about what they were not, which is "gods" means that there are those who do have that nature.

A Trinitarian would say as you did that "I see nothing whatsoever in this passage that implies that there are others that ARE gods by nature, other than the True God. The contrast is between the One and all the rest."

But that is not the contrast Paul made. It was not between the One and all the rest. He said they were not really "gods", not "God".

The contrast at 1Co 8:4-6 is with respect to the one God and Father of Jesus Christ, as God.

With your logic, I don't understand how one could view Jehovah as the God of gods. Is Jehovah a God of "not really gods"?

He is a God of the living, not the dead.


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