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The App to Monitor Kids’ Phones: Protect Your Kids and Save Your Nerves

Kids’ cyber safety has become a matter of concern for their parents: to monitor kids’ phones and ensure that they’re not falling prey to hackers, cyberbullies, and child molesters. Let’s look at how one can use phone monitoring apps for parents to keep a watchful eye on what kids are doing online.

What Makes Parental Monitoring Apps So Popular?

Phones nowadays are ubiquitous, and children worldwide use them to keep in touch with their friends and parents, gain information about the world, and for entertainment purposes. The online world is neither safe, nor does it care who’s on the other side when vital personal information is being stolen.

On top of that, concerned parents can also track what their children, especially teenagers, are browsing online, which makes up another reason why parental monitoring has exploded nowadays. The internet activity of children and teenagers is also a cause of concern for parents, especially if there is a reason to suspect sexting or suicidal ideation. Having monitoring software for parents then becomes a necessary thing, which it has been so far and will only continue to rise in the future.

Phone Built-in Parental Controls and Monitoring Software for Parents

parental control

There are various built-in parental controls that phones come with nowadays that reputedly allow you to monitor their usage. The control level you get is limited, and kids can easily find out how to change them or remove the option altogether. Doing so is a child’s play as the tools are not hidden in most cases and can easily be discovered.

The same is the case with free apps that you can get from online app stores, such as the Play Store or the App Store. There’s no way that you can completely depend on them as they too can be found on the phone with ease and tip off your kids that you’ve been spying on them.

Some of these apps include the likes of Kids Place, SecureTeen, Kaspersky, and Boomerang. But, since most of them are freemiums, what you get is something that even a child of eight can get around. As such, those apps are useless to monitor kids’ iPhones. So, which spyware or phone monitoring app for parents should be used for that end?

Spyware Apps to Monitor Kids’ Phones: Pro Solution

There are certain software developers dedicated to answering every parent’s question, for example, “How to monitor my kid’s phone?” These let you monitor not just your child’s browser activities or messages but everything from call logs and social media content to messages and GPS location. All this without them knowing, which is perhaps the best feature.

You, as a parent, can keep track of everything your child is doing: every keystroke they make, every message they send or receive, and wherever they go. Everything will be relayed back to you, and you will receive notifications about it on any device you own. But, with scores of such apps to monitor kid’s phones available on the market, how can you choose the proper one?

List of Top 5 Apps to Monitor Kids’ Phones

Our team has done the research for you and narrowed down the best kid monitoring apps list to five contenders. Let’s take a look at them:

· mSpy free

· uMobix

· Spyic

· FlexiSPY

· iKeyMonitor

All these apps can safely allow you to keep track of all your child’s online activities and find out what they’re up to.

How to Monitor Kids’ iPhones With Spy Apps?

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To start monitoring your kid’s phone, first of all, you have to purchase one of the spyware apps and get the login and password for an account. Thereafter, depending on your kid’s phone platform, Android, iPhone, or Windows, you can install the app on their phone and hide it completely.

For iPhone installation, you can do so without even getting access to the target’s phone (as it can be done if you have your target’s iCloud credentials), while for Android, you’ll need to have it for a couple of minutes.

Installation of Monitoring Software for Parents on Android Devices

Installing spyware on an Android device has to be a secretive affair. For this, you have to:

1. Get access to the phone and download the bt.apk file after entering your login and password.

2. Install the application with the ‘hidden mode’ on and keep back the target’s phone.

3. Log in to your account and go to the dashboard to receive all the information that the app on your target’s phone transmits.

Installation of Monitoring Software for Parents on iPhone

For this, you don’t require the target’s phone physically, but you do need their iCloud credentials. Once you have them, you can directly download the app on the target’s iPhone without them knowing and have all the information that their iPhone sends and receives relayed back to you on the dashboard of your account. From here, you can safely monitor what your children are up to.


No parent wants to see their child bullied online, fall prey to cybercrime, or engage in any questionable activities. For this, parents can use the best kid monitoring app and keep track of what their children are doing and keep them safe from the threats online. Out of the five such apps that we’ve mentioned, parents can subscribe to any one of them and start tracking their kids instantly.

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