Who We Are

For an Answer is a non-profit, internet ministry dedicated to equipping fellow Christians in the Scriptural and logical defense of the faith.  We hope to provide answers to historical and contemporary challenges to orthodox Christian doctrine, in the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15.

At present, “we” is really “me.”  I’m Robert Hommel.  I’m in my early 50’s, married with 3 children (two girls and a boy).  I live in Southern California, and attend The Bridge Bible Fellowship (formerly Shepherds Community Church).  I work full time in the Information Technology field, and what spare time I have is dedicated to family, personal Bible study, church, reading, the occasional DVD or computer game, and this website.  For an Answer is my way of repaying as best I can the many scholars, commentators, and apologists whose works I read several years ago, when, as an agnostic, I put Christianity to the test – and found to my surprise and delight, that there is a rational basis for faith in the God of the Bible and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord;  and honoring those whose works I’ve read since that time, seeking to defend my faith in the face of challenges from those who profess other belief systems.

Some Regular Contributors to For an Answer are:  Ray Goldsmith, Luis C. Reyes, Sam Shamoun, and James Stewart.  Thanks, brothers!

The For an Answer Bible logo is by Michael Ragosta, who also provided much-needed advice on graphic design.

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Some have asked about my academic background.  I earned a  B.A. in English (magna cum laude) from California State University, Northridge.  I received my Master's Degree in English from the University of Southern California.  In addition to various literature courses, which I believe taught me the value of close reading and critical analysis of a text, I also studied linguistics and textual criticism.  As a graduate student, I taught several freshman English courses, and developed a lifelong love of teaching.  As part of my graduate studies, I had the opportunity to study at Cambridge University, England, which engendered in me a love of things Celtic - most particularly the ancient literature and traditional music of Ireland and Wales.  I never did learn to appreciate warm beer or cricket, however ;-).

I am currently teaching classes at the Shepherd's Bible Institute at my church and pursuing independent study at the seminary level through courses offered by the Institute for Theological Studies (ITS).  You can read a brief summary of my research into quality seminary education through "distance learning" and why I selected courses through ITS  here.