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Jehovah's Witnesses

Robert Hommel and MS on False Gods and the Divine Nature

Robert Hommel and MS on John 20:28

Robert Hommel and Jason BeDuhn on John 1:1 and the New World Translation

Don Hartley and Greg Stafford on Mass / Count Nouns and John 1:1

Sam Shamoun and Heinz on Biblical Monotheism

Robert Bowman and Jason BeDuhn on John 8:58

  A Brief Follow-up between Jason and Robert Hommel

Robert Bowman and GK on Luke 23:43

  ...And a reply to GK by Luis C. Reyes

Lynn Lundquist and Greg Stafford on the Divine Name in the NT

Perry Robinson and Rick Stamp on the Holy Spirit in Patristic Thought

Robert Hommel and Greg Stafford 

   On the Julius Mantey Letter

   On John 1:1 and Mass-Count Nouns

Ray Goldsmith Answers "Student of the Bible" on Jude 4

Ray Goldsmith and Wes Williams on Col 1:15

Robert Hommel and Kevin on Qualitative "Count" Nouns in the Greek New Testament

Robert Hommel and W W on John 1:1c, PB Harner, and Count Nouns

Robert Hommel and W W on Biblical Words that "Prove" the Son is a Created Being

Robert Hommel and SL on Coptic John


Latter Day Saints

Chad Uretsky and Two Latter Day Saints: Is God God from all Eternity?



Atheists / Agnostics

The Great Debate: Does God Exist? (Bahnsen-Stein)

Does God Exist?  The Bahnsen-Tabash Debate

Does God Exist? The Craig-Jesseph Debate




About Mars Hill

Our purpose in posting these discussions is not to demonstrate how clever Christians are, or to demean those we have interacted with.  It is to demonstrate some apologetic methods we and others have tried over the years - some of which have proven helpful, while others have frankly failed.  We hope you may benefit from these examples, learning both from our successes and our failures.


The truth of the Gospel lies not in our efforts to defend it, but in the proper understanding of God's Word.  It is our desire that in proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, we have honored Christ by rightly dividing the Word, and by respectful and gentle answers to those who ask about or challenge our faith.


Discussions are presented unedited (except for spelling and mild grammatical corrections).  Additional comments will be restricted to a brief introduction at the beginning and/or a summary at the end.