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The Jesus Family Tomb and 

Lost Tomb of Jesus

An Index to Christian Resources and Responses

 The Jesus Family Tomb: The Discovery, the Investigation, and the Evidence That Could Change History


Five Reasons to be Skeptical about the Lost Tomb of Jesus (a Summary of the Evidence) Robert Hommel

The Improper Application of Statistics in 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus' Stephen Pfann, textual scholar & paleographer

Mary Magdalene is Missing: A Corrected Reading of Rahmani Ossuary 701 Stephen Pfann 

The Jesus Tomb? 'Titanic' Talipiot Tomb Theory Sunk from the Start Ben Witherington III

Problems Multiply for Jesus Tomb Theory Ben Witherington III

Hollywood Hype: The Oscars and Jesus' Family Tomb, What do they Share? Darrell Bock

More Stat Talk and a Few Other Points Darrell Bock

The Jesus Ossuary: A Critical Examination Michael Heiser

James White's Lost Tomb blog entries.  Dr. White is writing a book-length response to the Tomb documentary and book.  He has been updating his blog with preliminary research findings and other information.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus: A Response Gary Habermas

The Tomb of Jesus and Family?  Second Thoughts Craig A. Evans

Archeological Identity Theft: The Lost Tomb of Jesus Fails to Make the Grade Chris Rosebrough

The Lost Tomb of Jesus Dan Wallace

The Statistical Case for the Identity of the "Jesus Family Tomb" Mark Goodacre

Viewers Guide to Understanding the Talpiot Tomb Joe Zias, Archaeologist (Click here for Mr. Zias' professional and academic credentials)

The Correct Interpretation of the 600-to-1 Odds Calculation Joe D'Mello, PhD in mathematics

Did They Really Find Jesus' Bones Craig L. Blomberg

The Lost Tomb of Jesus: A Reasonable Response Craig A. Smith