The following files are from a workshop held at Shepherd's Community Church, Canoga Park, California in 2005.  Click on each link to download the associated file.  If you have problems downloading any of the files, try right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Target as..."  If this still doesn't work, please email me at [email protected].

Presentation files are in MS PowerPoint format.  You must have either PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft to view these files.  The free viewer is available for download here.

For Additional Reading


Week 1 - In the Beginning God or Man? - A General Introduction to Apologetics

Presentation with Notes

Michael Denton on Intelligent Design Brief excepts from Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

An Interview with Anthony Flew Gary Habermas interviews the former atheist (now theist) philosopher.

Week 2 - What is Conversational Apologetics?

Presentation Outline

Week 3 - Something from Nothing?

Notes for RC Sproul Video - Does God Exist?

A Definition of God

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus Ludwig Wittgenstein (an example of what were NOT doing!)


Card Templates:

Use Avery 5388 paper stock.  For both templates, the front side is printed first with page 1 of the file - the back side with page 2. Typically, after printing the front side, to print the back side you must re-feed the sheet with the front 'print side up'.  Both of these preformatted Avery paper stocks are available at stores like Office Depot and Staples in several different sheet quantities.


WDJD 3x5 Card

Conversational Apologetics 3x5 Card

The Shepherds Apologetics  business card is formatted to print on Avery 8371 Matte White, 10 cards per sheet.

Shepherd's Community Church Business Card with Gospel Summary

Week 4 - Conversational Apologetics in Action

A Conversation Between an Agnostic and a Christian Class Presentation

The Scientist An excerpt from JP Moreland's Love God with All Your Mind (No Open Questions here!)

Voyage Inside the Cell Video (watch Online Demo or Order).

Week 5 - Open Questions

A Conversation Part 2 - Open Questions Class Presentation

David Hume and Radical Skepticism An example of the logical conclusions of the atheistic worldview

Nick Pollard Talks to Richard Dawkins A good example of asking open questions

NY Times Editorial - Design for Confusion What are some open questions you would ask this writer?

NPR Program "Left, Right, and Center" on Intelligent Design MP3 audio file

Week 6 - Transitioning from Open to Pointed Questions

New York Times Editorial - How Would You Respond? Class Presentation

Logical Fallacies Handout

Week 7 - Formulating Pointed Questions

Critical Listening Class Presentation

LA Times Editorial - Not Your Daddy's Creationists What are some pointed questions you would ask this writer?

Week 8 - Formulating Pointed Questions Redux

Critical Listening Part 2 Class Presentation

Kumbh Mela Class Presentation

Kumbh Mela - Shortcut to Nirvana Description of the Kumbh Mela festival in India

Shortcut to Nirvana Link to movie trailer

Week 9 - Explaining the Gospel and Answering Hard Questions

The Problem of Evil Part 1 Class Presentation

The Problem of Evil Greg Bahnsen's Theodicy in his own words

In the Beginning was a Bang...A Big One! Robert Jastrow

God and the Astronomers Robert Jastrow - Purchase Jastrow's book, based on the LA Times editorial, above

A Message from Robert Jastrow An article about the implications of the Big Bang

Intelligent Design and Hard Times Daniel Schorr's NPR New Analysis

Was Katrina Intelligent Design? A response to Daniel Schorr by Evangelical author John Piper

Week 10 - Answering More Hard Questions

The Problem of Evil Part 2 Class Presentation

Where is God?  A Biblical Response to the Problem of Evil Robert Hommel

A Physician Looks at the Crucifixion A medical look at what Jesus endured on the cross

Week 11 - The Resurrection

The Historicity of the Bodily Resurrection of Christ David Basi

The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus William Lane Craig

Easter: Myth, Hallucination, or History Edwin Yamauchi

Week 12 - The Reliability of Scripture

How Do We Know that the Bible is God's Word

Has the Bible Been Corrupted? (Real Video) 

Conversational Apologetics Conclusion Class Presentation

Conversational Apologetics Conclusion (notes)



For Additional Reading...


General Apologetics

An Apologetics Manifesto Douglas Groothuis

Standing on Mars Hill - A Closer Look at Biblical Apologetics James F. Stitzinger

10 Questions Intellectuals ask about Christianity Henry F. Schaefer III

Apologetics Bibliography Michael Ragosta


Intelligent Design

The Evolution of a Skeptic: An Interview with Michael Behe

The Intelligent Design Movement William Dembski

Intelligent Design FAQ from the Access Research Network


The Problem of Evil

Intelligent Design and the Problem of Evil William Dembski

How can a Good God Allow Evil? Rick Rood

Bosnia, Rape and the Problem of Evil Greg Koukl


Historical Reliability of the Bible

Support for the Authenticity of the Book of Matthew  Kansas City Star, June 2003.

Qumran Fragment 7Q5: Possibilities and Impossibilities Carsten Peter Thiede

Biblical Pool of Siloam Discovered Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Aug 2005

The Resurrection as a Historical Problem N.T. Wright

Early Traditions and the Origins of Christianity N.T. Wright


Secular Selections (How would you respond to these?)

Bush Remarks Roil Debate on Teaching Evolution (NY Times Editorial)

Why God's in a Class by Himself (Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic Magazine)

Bad Science, Bad Theology (LA Times Editorial)

Bad Science - the Reader's Respond (Letters to the LA Times)



The Great Debate: Does God Exist? (Bahnsen-Stein)

Does God Exist?  The Bahnsen-Tabash Debate

Does God Exist? The Craig-Jesseph Debate



Intelligent Design Network (excellent introductory site for Intelligent Design)

Access Research Network (Intelligent Design thinktank)

Discovery Institute (Intelligent Design thinktank)

Design Inference Website (William Dembski, author of Intelligent Design)

Phillip Johnson's Page (Author of Defeating Darwinism)

Jonathan Wells' Page (Author of Icons of Evolution)

Michael Behe's Page (author of Darwin's Black Box)

Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies (Comprehensive list of fallacies, examples, and advice on refutation)