Lesson Outlines

For Adult Sunday School


The following links are to lesson outlines and study notes I have used in leading adult Sunday School classes or other church-based educational venues.  I make them available here as a reference to students, and to anyone who may find them helpful.  Use them freely in God's service.

Doctrines & Differences - The Biblical basis for the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and comparisons with what others teach about these doctrines.


Romans - An in-depth study of Paul's masterpiece.  


Gospel of John  - An in-depth study of the Beloved Disciple's memories of his Master.


Epistles of John - A verse-by-verse exposition of 1 John , 2 John , 3 John


1 Peter - An in-depth study of what Luther called "A sword which was wielded by a giant".


Conversational Apologetics Workshop - A series of lessons on defending your faith without starting an argument.


A Brief Theology of Heaven - A series of lessons based on Randy Alcorn's best-selling Heaven and other material.


The Second Thief - A single lesson outline on the meaning of the Cross for those who have been "crucified" by those closest to them.


The Resurrection - Fact of Fiction - A single lesson covering some of the evidences for the Resurrection as a historical event.


Extra-Biblical References to Jesus and Christianity - A single lesson covering some of the more important 1st and 2nd Century references to Jesus and Christianity outside the Bible.


The Web of the Watchtower - How to Witness to Jehovah's Witnesses - I culled this material from several other websites in addition to mine.  I took the recommended questions from Randy Watters' Freeminds site.  References to GB are from Watters' "Thus says the Governing Body" booklet.


The Maze of Mormonism - How to Witness to Latter Day Saints - As above, this material came from several other websites.