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Apologists Bible Commentary

John 18:3-8


Mars Hill

Robert Hommel and W W on John 1:1c, PB Harner, and Count Nouns

Robert Hommel and W W on Biblical Words

BeDuhn-Bowman Jn 8:58


Sunday School Lessons

1, 2, & 3 John


Topical Studies

From God (QEOS) To God (NOYTE): John 1:1 in the Sahidic Coptic

The Personhood of the Holy Spirit 

The Development of the Nomina Sacra

How the Earliest Christians Viewed the Shape of the Cross

The NWT: What the Scholars Really Said (updated)


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Bohairic Coptic NT

Burton's Syntax, Moods, Tenses Greek NT

Strong's Greek in a Nutshell

Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar (beta)