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What Paul is Contrasting



: But that is not the contrast Paul made. It was not between the One and all the rest. He said they were not really "gods", not "God".

ROBERT: "Howbeit then, when ye knew not God, ye did service unto them which by nature are no gods." Gal 4:8, KJV.

MS, I think your point about the implied contrast between "false" and "true" gods would be possible if Paul weren't contrasting the false gods with the One True God in 8a. However, the contrast is clearly stated in the verse. I think this point is even more obvious if you consider that EVEN IF Paul believed in those who were true gods, or gods by nature, he certainly would not approve worship of them. So, if he meant a contrast between true and false gods, as you suggest, the implication would be that worship of true gods was OK. This cannot be his meaning. Thus, the contrast must be between the True God, who is worthy of worship, and all those who are not gods by nature, and thus are not worthy of worship.

As I demonstrated, even the WT acknowledges the CONTRAST between the True God and the idols (regardless of what their mean by "production"). I don't care, particularly, what the WT's view is regarding the origin of the idols. The point is, MS, that the WT recognizes the CONTRAST as being between those that are not by nature gods and THE TRUE GOD! You don't know more about this passage than the Slave, do you?

: The contrast at 1Co 8:4-6 is with respect to the one God and Father of Jesus Christ, as God.

: With your logic, I don't understand how one could view Jehovah as the God of gods. Is Jehovah a God of "not really gods"?

: He is a God of the living, not the dead.

ROBERT: Well, MS, God is God to every created thing. Even demons, who stand behind some idols that are sacrificed to. Even Satan, the "god of this world." Demons and Satan are certainly alive. You're not going to tell me Satan they are true gods, are you?

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