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Robert and MS on False Gods and the Divine nature


A Jehovah's Witness whose initials are "MS" interacted with me on a John 1:1 discussion board regarding the Divine Nature.  In a post to someone else, I had used the term "false god" to describe fallen angels and Satan.  MS entered the discussion and suggested that the term "false gods" not a Biblical term.  The discussion quickly broadened into the subject of God's "nature" and whether angels and even humans might share in that nature. I did my best to answer MS's objections




Let's use Scriptural Language - MS

   RE: Let's use Scriptural Language - Robert

      Why Not Plural? - MS

         RE: Why Not Plural? - Robert

            God of the Living - MS

               What Paul is Contrasting - Robert

                  Luke 20:38 - MS

                     RE: Luke 20:38 - Robert

                        More on "False Gods" - MS

                           RE: More on "False Gods" - Robert