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Robert Hommel's Final Comments on Greg Stafford

And the Julius Mantey Letter


To All Who May be Interested,


About six months after my second response to Mr. Stafford was posted, Mr. Stafford sent me a long paper, detailing his objections to my arguments, and supporting his own. You can find it here:

Stafford's Second Reply to Hommel


After carefully considering his arguments and researching them thoroughly, I believe they are generally without merit, though not without Mr. Stafford's typical rhetorical force!


In my discussion with Mr. Stafford, I have become even more convinced of the Biblical truth of orthodox Christian doctrine, particularly the Holy Spirit's role in convicting and regenerating those who do not know Christ. If Mr. Stafford, or anyone else, is ever to accept Christ as their only Lord and Savior, it will be because God draws them to Him, and their hearts are softened to accept the call, not through arguments and debate.


I have therefore determined that - at least at this time - it is not worth pursuing the discussion any further.

I do, however, wish to serve my fellow Christians in the defense of our faith.  I hope in the near future to provide the results of my research in a public forum.  In the meantime, if you have specific questions about points raised in any of Mr. Stafford's responses to me, or to those raised in his book, please feel free to drop me an email.


In Christ the Victor,


Robert Hommel
Woodland Hills, California
Feb 5, 2001

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