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Robert  Hommel and Greg Stafford 


On Julius Mantey's Letter to the WTB&TS


Several years ago, Jehovah's Witness apologist Greg Stafford wrote a response to Julius Mantey's letter to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.  As Dr. Mantey was dead, it was unlikely that he would offer a reply to Mr. Stafford ;-) .  Early in my efforts as an evangelical apologist, I undertook a reply to Mr. Stafford - not that I felt Dr. Mantey needed any defense (nor was I capable of delivering such as he might have), but rather because I believed - and still believe - that significant challenges to our faith should be met with a reasoned defense whenever possible.  Mr. Stafford engaged me in a dialog on this topic which, unfortunately, was characterized on both sides by immature rhetorical posturing.  I post the entire debate here for the edification of any who may be interested.  For my part, I do not regret any of the arguments I made, but wish I had stated them with more grace "under fire."  Please learn from it what you can - particularly in those areas where I failed.


In my "Final Response," I stated: "I hope in the near future to provide the results of my research in a public forum."  This website is, in part, the public forum in which I am offering the results of my research.  Click here for an index of webpages addressing Greg's challenges.


Greg Stafford's Response to the Mantey Letter

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On John 1:1 and Mass-Count Nouns

A couple weeks after Mr. Stafford's second reply to me on the Mantey letter, a friend of his posted some comments of Mr. Stafford's on a Trinity Discussion board on the internet.  I replied to these comments, and Mr. Stafford - through his friend - engaged in a brief discussion with me on the subject of John 1:1 and Mass-Count nouns.  We also touched briefly on some of Mr. Stafford's comments in his second reply to me on the Mantey letter.  As with our previous dialog, the rhetorical tone quickly became rather heated, though I did try to cool things down a bit towards the end.


Greg Stafford on John 1:1 and Mass-Count Nouns

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               Robert's Second Reply to Mr. Stafford

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